Pupil of the Month

At Quinton, we love to celebrate the qualities and achievements of our children. Once a month, the children in each class vote for the child who they would like to acknowledge as the pupil of the month. Please see below who they voted for and the reasons why. 

 Pupil of the Month 2017-2018

Pupil of the Month 2018-2019

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  • Nyah 

For always being a good friend and playing with everybody.

  • L'Mia

Because she has settled into year 1 brilliantly, she’s considerate of others and always asks what can she do to help. She is an absolute joy to have in our classroom and a great friend to all. Well done and keep it up L’Mia!

  • Nathan 

For being an excellent role model and for being respectful to everybody.

  • Sophia 

For being a kind and caring role model.

  • Willow

For being a good role model and doing her very best in class

  • Sophia

For always being a good friend, working hard and being a good role model.

  • Martha 

For always showing the 3 Rs, being funny and she is also a great friend.



  • Josiah

For always being a good and kind friend, looking after us and always being responsible 

  • Jenniffer

Always being polite and a good friend. 

  • Amelia 

For always being a kind friend, participating in lessons and shining.

  • Theo 

For being ready to learn and playing great games.

  • Brooke 

For always being kind and a very good friend and being helpful.

  • Nima

For always working hard and helping others. 

  • Lauren 

For being a really kind, funny and loyal friend, working hard in every lesson and always trying her best.