Year 3


Hello and welcome to Year 3!

I am so thrilled to start here at Quinton Church Primary school and am very impressed with how well the children have settled into life in the juniors! We have some very exciting topics this year, including Stone Age, Ancient Egyptians, Transport and China which the children will be exploring together.

This year we will be developing our independent learning skills and perseverance by having a go at new challenges and finding ways to keep going. We will continue to assess our own work as well as develop our ability to assess our peers and praise them and make suggestions to develop our own learning.

Through daily Basic Skills lessons we will continue to develop our handwriting, spelling punctuation and grammar as well as our writing skills. We will be improving our mathematical procedures in ‘MOT’ sessions and also trying to complete our Times Tables Maths Clubs. I look forward to awarding the class with their certificates!

Please note that spellings will be sent out on a Tuesday and tested the following Tuesday. The spelling programme will follow different spelling rules which will be taught in class. It is expected that children learn their timetables as much as possible to move onto the next Maths Clubs. Timetables are tested on a Friday. On Thursdays I will be sending home additional maths work which consolidates the learning done in class as well as termly topic projects.

If you have any questions about Year 3 life, please do not hesitate to ask me.

Miss Wright