Pupil of the Month

At Quinton, we love to celebrate the qualities and achievements of our children. Once a month, the children in each class vote for the child who they would like to acknowledge as the pupil of the month. Please see below who they voted for and the reasons why. 


Pupil of the Month 2017-2018


  • Joseph

He is trying really hard at following the school rules and getting on well with others in class.

  • Eva 

For being nice to people, she shows respect and she shares.

  • Ryan

For being kind, funny and for writing lots of great stories at home.

  • Rhys 

For his positive change in behaviour. 

  • Danvir 

For always being responsible, respectful, ready and always doing the right thing. 

  • Lauren 

Because she is kind, funny, always follows the rules and she always cheers you up.

  • Lily

For always making people smile and making sure people are ok. Being a great friend and a role model. 



  • Akhil 

For always being a great role model and for looking after his friends. 

  • Elijah

 For making the right choices and being a good friend.

  • Sophia

 For being respectful, working hard and making a good effort in her first week.

  • Isla

 For always giving 100% and being a lovely friend.

  • Maddison

 For always showing the 3 R's. 

  • Chloe B

For working hard in every subject, being a good role model and a kind friend who is always there for you. 

  • Toba 

For being a good friend and showing kindness.


  • Mason 

For taking turns and sharing with his friends. 

  • Theo 

For always being good friend, showing the three R’s and always being kind.

  • Kaycee 

For being so kind, caring and such a lovely friend.

  • Brooke 

For always showing compassion when someone is feeling down and making them smile. 

  • Tanya 

For always showing the 3 Rs and being a great friend.

  • Chloe 

She is kind and caring to everyone and she always concentrates in lessons and works hard.

  • Lily 

For being a kind friend and always showing the 3 R's, cheering people up, believing in them and for being funny. 


  • Eden 

For being a super friend to everyone. 

  • Frankie 

He is a good role model and always respects his friends. 

  • Rosie 

For always showing the 3 R's and being kind to others. 

  • Amelia 

For showing compassion and being a trustworthy friend. 

  • Jasmine  

For always working hard, never giving up and setting a good example. 

  • Isabelle 

She is "a kind, reliable and trustworthy friend" and is "very sensible and always does the right thing. 

  • Penny 

She always shows respect and is a great role model and friend. Penny is always respectful and kind.


  • Jake 

For being a great friend and a super member of the class.

  • Ruby  

Because she is always ,listening, following the rules and showing the 3R’s.

  • Harry

For being great at Maths, always being ready and for being an excellent friend.

  • Willow

For being a good friend for those in need. 

  • Jack


  • Zoe 

For being helpful and a kind friend.

  • Kane

For being a kind friend, helping people and playing  nicely.

  • Leia

For being a kind, caring, helpful and special friend.

  • Krishan 

For being a lovely friend and having outstanding behaviour.

  • Summer

For being a role model, showing the 3 Rs and making people laugh!

  • Abbie

For being an amazing friend and cheering up her friends when they are sad. She is kind, funny and always follows the rules.

  • Matthew 

Being kind, funny and a good friend.


  • Oakley 

For sharing well and being a lovely friend. 

  • Sachin 

He is always kind, funny and always works hard. 

  • Jacob  

For always showing the three 3 R's. showing independence and for being kind. 

  • Jack 

For always being a nice and respectful friend and working hard. 

  • Tomi 

For always working hard and being the best friend you could ask for. 

  • Neve 

She is a role model and she is a kind and caring friend. 

  • Finley 

Being considerate and kind, a good friend to everyone and making people happy.