Year 2

A very big welcome to Year 2!

We are now top of the infants and we have an exciting journey ahead of us!

In Year 2 we aim to enhance our learning through engaging, fun and interactive lessons. We encourage further independence, curiosity and exploration by transferring skills that we use across the curriculum.

Together we learn to value and respect each other as individuals. We appreciate our differences and share what we do well. We want the children to be happy in their environment and to develop self-belief when faced with new opportunities.

We will consolidate all of the knowledge gained from Year One whilst developing new skills and concepts to help us achieve the most out of being at the end of Key Stage One, just a step closer to the juniors!

Each half term we have a focused topic that we link to different areas of learning including writing, geography, history, science, outdoors, art and music. This encourages children to delve deeper, seek out questions, to research and to get the very most out of their experiences. We make our time enjoyable and meaningful.

This year our topics are:

Autumn One: Europe – Landmarks and Landscapes

Autumn Two: London’s Burning

Spring One: The Home Front

Spring Two: Twisted Tales

Summer One: Australian Adventure

Summer Two: Pioneers


We look forward to a successful, memorable and exciting year!

Miss Cadwallader