Head Girl/Boy

I was so happy when I found out that I was going to be head girl. I hope that everyone will enjoy this year. Part of what I want to do is to make sure everyone is happy and is enjoying school because you are here 5 days a week! I will try my hardest to be a role model in class and around school, and I hope that people will look up to me as head girl. I also want to come up with some great ideas of raising money for our charity: Birmingham Children's hospital.




I am really thankful for being voted head boy by my peers and teachers. As head boy, I would like to help lead the prefects to be good role models and help people around the school. I also want to help everyone succeed in everything they do, including following our school rules! I am going to be a great role model for everybody in and out of school. I will try and be helpful to any new pupils, including all of the new reception children and their parents. I can't wait to be a responsible, helpful and compassionate head boy this year!