Each class has the opportunity to visit different places of worship each year to learn about and create books of information in class. Here are some pictures of the children enjoying their time on the trips. 


 What is Interfaith Week? 

 Interfaith week is a chance to bring people with different beliefs closer together. It's a chance to learn about one another.


If you would like to see where the classes visited last year, please click here.


This year's interfaith week was week commencing Monday 7th January 2019, below are where each class visited. 

Reception - Christ Church 


Year 1 - Guru Nanak Gurdwara 


Year 2 - Singers Hill Synagogue 


Year 3 - Jangchub Ling Buddhist Temple 

Year 4 - Balaji Temple


Year 5 - Birmingham Central Mosque


Year 6 -  Guru Nanak Gurdwara