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Dinner and pizza letter Autumn Term 1

Cost of lunch per day is £2.35. 

Your child can choose when they wish to have a lunch on the smart board each morning.

Please be aware these options may change towards the end of term due to the kitchen having to reduce stock. 

 Week Beginning: 

16th September

7th October

28th October

18th November

9th December

30th December 

20th January 

10th February 

2nd March 

23rd March 

13th April 

4th May 

25th May 

15th June 

6th July



Week Beginning:

2nd September

23rd September

14th October

4th November

25th November

16th December

6th January 

27th January 

17th February 

9th March 

30th March 

20th April 

11th May 

1st June

22nd June 

13th July 


 Week Beginning:

 9th September 

30th September

21st October

11th November

2nd December

23rd December

13th January 

3rd February 

24th February 

16th March 

6th April 

27th April 

18th May 

8th June

29th June 

1st July