Quinton Church Primary School

Together with Christ

Hagley Road West, Birmingham, West Midlands B32 1AJ

0121 675 4422


Head Girl/Boy



                       Amelia                                                                                                            Daniel 

"I'm very glad that i got voted for head girl, i will make sure                   "My name is Daniel and i got chosen for head boy.  

that our school is happy and going well. This role i play in the                  When i got voted for head boy i was really happy and

school is very important, so i will definitely make sure I'm                         excited for the future jobs.

doing it right. I know that Quinton Church Primary School                        I will be a sensible and caring person towards everyone

is a very encouraging school and I'm very glad to be apart                       and everything. I will do all my jobs when i am asked

of it."                                                                                                     and do them properly."

                                                                                                             Thank you for everyone who voted for me.