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At Quinton Church Primary School, we believe that education is important because it provides our children with the skills needed for life. In order to gain these skills, children need to attend school regularly and punctually – this is both for academic and social reasons.

As a school we will work closely with children, parents and the local community to resolve attendance issues.

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their child attends school on time, unless there is an authorised reason for their absence.

A number of incentives are in place to promote good attendance; these include:

End of term certificates for 100% attendance.
Weekly attendance Teddy awarded to the class with the highest attendance.
Display board in the hall to celebrate good attendance.

The Government have set a minimum attendance level of 95% for every child. It is so important for your child to attend regularly and on time and we enjoy celebrating our attendance achievements.


This is our attendance bear; his name is Bailey                                                   Week Commencing 05/02/2018



  100% Attendance Assembly

(Monday 18th December 2017)

Congratulations to all the following children who received a 100% Attendance certificate for the Autumn Term.


Reception - Sophia, Keerit, Austin, Viren, Sophie, Matilda, Zac.

Year 1 - Harry, Theo, Grace, Shaq'eem, Luella, Nathanael, Lola, Samuel, Isabelle, Titus, Archie, Joshua, Lily. 

Year 2 - Amelia, Megan, Tyrell, Sophie, Krishan, Isaac, Thomas, Henoc. 

Year 3 - Harriet, Trinity, Summer, Jack, Riley, Adam, Nima, Sophia, Alesha.

Year 4 - Chloe, Charles, Bailey, Emily, Violet, Cameron, James, Layla, Abbie, Chloe, Freya, Miya, Joseph.

Year 5 - Nathan, Raigan, Penny, Sasha, Ester, Toba, Leigh, Katie, Katie, Harry, Matthew, Sonia, Isaac, Finley, Lily, Amy.

Year 6 - Josef, Bailey, Ivan, Amelia, Daniel, Lily, Joel, Eva, Joshua, Nathan, Ishvir, Nikita. 




Spring Term 1


Autumn Term 2 

Well done to Year 3! They are our Term 2 Attendance Winners!


Autumn Term 1



           Well Done to Year 4! They are our Term 1                              Attendance Winners!